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A hieroglyph (Greek for “sacred writing”) was a character of the ancient Egyptian writing system. Logographic scripts that are pictographic in form in a way reminiscent of ancient Egyptian are also sometimes called “hieroglyphs”.

Mayan Codices. Maya codices (singular codex) are folding books stemming from the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, written in Maya hieroglyphic script on Mesoamerican paper, made from the inner bark of certain trees, the main being the wild fig tree or Amate (Ficus Glabrata), this paper was named by the Mayas Huun, and contained many …

PYRAMIDS OF MEXICO Deep within the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala and extending into the limestone shelf of the Yucatan peninsula lie the mysterious temples and Mayan …

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The painted figure of a man – possibly a scribe – is illuminated in the doorway of the Mayan dwelling, which holds symbols never seen before

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Symbols Influence on History Before man learned about words and letters, he used different drawings and pictures to communicate stories and narratives to other people.

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circa 400 B.C.E. to 250 C.E. had evolved into terraced, pyramidal shapes.The Mayan pyramids differ from those in Egypt, where the sides of the structures converge to form a …

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Mayan Astronomy. The Maya were quite accomplished astronomers. Their primary interest, in contrast to “western” astronomers, were Zenial Passages when the Sun crossed over the Maya latitudes.

Mayan hieroglyphic writing: Mayan hieroglyphic writing, system of writing used by the Maya people of Mesoamerica until about the end of the 17th century, 200 years after the Spanish conquest of Mexico.

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