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ACRL Metrics is an on-line subscription service providing access to:. ACRL Trends & Statistics Survey data (1994-present). a select subset …

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A Thaum is the basic unit of magical strength. It has been universally established as the amount of magic needed to create one small white pigeon or …

The Magic Feather trope as used in popular culture. Alice is given a supposed magic item that will give her special/exceptional abilities. She does amazingly …

Candle burning is an ancient spiritual practice that has evolved into a complex magickal art and science without losing its simplicity and capacity for creating powerful change.

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Barefoot is the most common term for the state of not wearing any footwear.. Wearing footwear is an exclusively human characteristic, however some s held by humans are also issued with footwear, such as s and, more rarely s and cats.

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FANDOM provides the most passionate fans a home to explore, speculate, and give perspective on their interests with millions of fans on …

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The Grand Magic Games arc (大魔闘演武編 Dai Matō Enbu Hen) is the thirteenth story arc of the Fairy Tail series. The arc details the events during the X791 Grand Magic …

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Modern Paganism, also known as Contemporary Paganism and Neopaganism, is a collective term for new religious movements influenced by or claiming to be derived from the various historical pagan beliefs of pre-modern Europe, North Africa and the Near East.

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