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Help! My Vagina Smells – 10 Causes for a Smelly Vag. W hether it’s you who noticed the smell or your partner (yikes!), it’s important to find out the root cause of the problem.

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Want to know how to dry hump? Here’s everything you’d ever want to know about dry humping and having more fun in bed without going all the way.

| Causes of vaginal dryness before and after the menopause, and what to do about a dry vagina (including oestrogen creams)

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My Best Tips on Getting Pregnant Fast Increase Chances of Conception with These Fertility Tips “My Secret Tips for Getting Pregnant” That’s what is on the cover of my little spiral bound notebook that I keep with me at all (well, most) times.

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Overview. The vagina is a stretchable muscular cavity lined with mucous membranes in the female reproductive system that extends from …

Douching is washing or cleaning out the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids. In the United States, almost one in five women 15 to 44 years old douche.

How does pregnancy occur or can pregnancy occur are common questions when it comes to potential pregnancies. Learn more about how pregnancy occurs.

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Your Vagina: What You Should Know . The vagina is the opening that is located directly below the urethral opening (that is where you pee from). The opening is called an orifice, as are other openings in your body.

Sex experts tell us everything you need to know about dry humping. Because it’s totally possible to have an orgasm with your clothes on.

A feminine hygiene product launched in India which promises to ‘brighten’ skin around the vagina is causing widespread controversy. A 25-second TV advert for Clean & Dry Intimate Wash is being advertised on prime time television, and shows a woman using the product to lighten her sexual organs to